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  • You can run a campaign for up to 6 months for as little as $150 (That’s $25/month)
  • With our cost per impression model you can go as big or as small as you want
  • Run your ads as fast a possible until your inventory runs out or spread your impressions over any period of time ( Up to 6 months)
  • Target the people you want and not just everyone (Why spend money running ads in Timbuktu ) – Run your ads in a specific city or country
  • Have different ads showing for different target ( Different message or different language )
  • Run multiple ads at once and rotate them when the click rate drops – Don’t have the same ad showing over and over again – Mix it up and find out which ones bring the most business or let our system automatically run the ones that performs best.
  • Having a 2 day flash sale? Have different ads running for just these 2 days and then return to normal.
  • Get access to real time analytic – See who’s clicking on your ad and  where they are from
  • Don’t get bogged in contractual obligations – No commitment necessary. Run a campaign and once it’s over you can renew it, start a new one or just stop.

Send an email to [email protected]

Sample Reviews, Promos, Giveaway and Marketing enquiries:

Send an email to [email protected]