#LombokSkateTrip2017 Day 2 & 3 – Selong Belanak

Teluk Sepi, Sekotong, Lombok Barat, NTB – Indonesia: #LombokSkateTrip2017 Day 2

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We explore West side of Lombok and goes to Teluk Sepi, Sekotong. Magnificent view with decent downhill Track. We can do some pack run and quite fast also.

Around 1.2 km long, with top speed around 60 kmh

When they called the place Teluk Sepi (Quiet Shore), it really mean quiet. rarely car passed by, some motor cycle, we even hardly feel the wind…Super hot and quiet place. but the track really paid off.

#LombokSkateTrip2017 Day 3

At Day 3 of #LombokSkateTrip2017 we went to Selong Belanak

The Track is about 1.3 km with green view on rainy season, and all yellow (like a desert) on sunny season.

70km/h at top speed, Good spot for bombing, but not so much for packed run, due to narrow road.

This is the road that goes to one of Surf spot in Lombok. Therefore you can find a lot of people with surfboard, and Most of them will stop by and watch you skate.

After we spend sometimes skating, we can end our day enjoying Selong Belanak Beach. The beach is really good if you want to learn surfing.

We Skate, We Surf, We enjoy our time so much.

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Tuesday August 1st, 2017
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