#LombokSkateTrip2017 Day 1 – Gokil Hills Freeride 

Lombok Island, Indonesia: We are from Indonesia and this is our second #LombokSkateTrip . It started when our Germany friends visit Lombok for skate and he’s in love with the community straight away.

He start to tell his friends and come back with more skaters.

Lombok is the island in east of Indonesia, which provide you with lots of hills.

7 days trip with 7 different sports (and more spots if you want) that only 2 hours drive between each other. Beach, authentic food, good people, what more could you ask for AWESOME skate trip.

There will be 7 videos for each day, and 1 longer video for full recap.

Stay tuned and Stoked by LongboardINA


Friday April 7th, 2017
Community Longboard