JayKay – electric longboard with invisible engine

JayKay1Kressbronn, Germany: JayKay Electric Longboard

The world’s first longboard truck with integrated engine and invisible control via easy finger gestures!


Achieve a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour and a range of twelve kilometers with the electric longboard truck of JayKay – electric motion arts – a young company from the south of Germany, led by Daniel Jäger, Benedict Kuhlmann and Isabell Armbruster. The vision of the three is to rethink current technology and to breathe new life into well known sports equipment through electrotechnical development. This has succeeded with the e-truck. The entire electronics, the motor and the batteries are integrated into the truck. Thus it does not differ externally from normal longboard trucks. It can be easily and quickly mounted on every longboard decks, whether with or without a cut-out (recess in the deck).

100% Freewheel

The combination of a well thought-out motor and a patented winding ensures maximum efficiency and a hundred percent freewheel. Due to this technology you don’t have to stop for charging. You can continue without any roll resistance – like on a normal longboard.

Energy recovery

By braking, energy is recovered, allowing you to expand your maximum range. This enables you to brake even when the battery is empty. Because the electronics detect when a driver is off the board, it brakes automatically when you spill off.

1 hour charging time

The interchangeable battery has a fast charging time of 1 hour and a battery-safing charging time of 3 hours. Can be charged either inductively or via the universal USB Type C connector.

Invisible control

The JayKay e-trucks are invisibly controlled by a clip. This clip is attached to the bottom of the watch or the wrist strap. Sensors detect the finger movements, interpret them and send the data via Bluetooth to the e-trucks.

JayKay App

The JayKay smartphone app offers a perfect control over all aspects of your board thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface:

You can choose different driving modes (slow, fast, eco), get an overview of your top speed, the average speed and the already traveled distance. In addition, your current battery status will be displayed with the remaining range.

A Kickstarter campaign starts in May 2017. In this crowdfunding action the founders of JayKay want to collect a fixed amount to cover the set-up costs and to start production in the first series. Those who would like to be one of the first owners of the JayKay e-trucks in September 2017 must bid 1299 Euros for a package of two electric trucks and the invisible control. From 1549 Euros the supporters get a finished mounted longboard including the e-truck and invisible control. Provided that the financing target is reached within 30 days. After this campaign, the e-trucks will cost 1999 Euro. Anyone who supports JayKay from the beginning can save up to 35%!

More info: www.jaykay-sport.de

Friday April 7th, 2017