Caliber Truck Co. – Current State

California, United States: Caliber freestyle riders Peter Markgraf and Sietse Geesink made the long haul over to the states for a break from the harsh European winter. They met up with Tom Flinchbaugh to partake in one of the great American pastimes – the road trip.

They travelled north to south finding stability in their trucks and the company of friends. Hop in the car and travel with the boys to see them put the Caliber II 50° through the paces on all variety of terrain.

Riders: Peter Markgraf + Sietse Vliegen

Film/Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh

Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Anemone”
Planet of the Dreamers – “Jacuzzi Boys”
Color Sky – “Monster Rally”


Monday April 24th, 2017