Loaded Boards | Samsung 360 Downhill VR Demo at E3 2016

From loaded:

Loaded Boards has been dabbling with 360 videos and the potential of VR experiences for quite some time now. We are immensely proud to have one of our 360 Downhill videos be part of Samsung’s Gear VR showcase at this years E3 convention!

Samsung contacted us about our 360 Downhill Pack Run video, to create a “4D” experience of skating through the canyons of Malibu with a big group of friends. The 4D aspect of the experience comes from Samsung developing a motor-controlled skateboard platformed, that pitched, leaned, and even rumbled as you make your way down the hill.

The board reacts to what the video itself was showing in real time. So when the headset shows you are leaning into a left turn, the board would follow that movement and lean into the turn with you.

With tremendously long lines at every demo at E3, we were stoked that the one minute and thirty second demo of our video allowed for 4 riders at the same time, keeping the long line of people moving, skating and very happy!

Friday June 17th, 2016
Downhill Longboard