Arcaboard – A hoverboard actually available for purchase

Well we’ve checked and double checked and looks like this is not a hoax. ARCA Space Corporation, who so far have been building rockets and drones, are set to launch and commercialize the Arcaboard; a hoverboard.



The ArcaBoard is a machine lifted by 36 high power electric ducted fans with a maximum thrust of 200 kgf (430 lbs). It has a built-in stabilization unit, meaning that ArcaBoard is stable in any condition and is a very safe platform to fly on. You will be able to utilize your phone for control and navigation of the vehicle itself. But for the most intense experience you can turn off the stabilization system and steer the ArcaBoard with your body.

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Have $14900 to spare? get yourself at


Thursday April 7th, 2016