The BigMountainSkate Episode 5. is online right now.

LORALO 2015 – Official Video: Our last event this year was the cheery on the cake! It was good to see all the happy people, having fun for the 4th year on this track. Family like atmosphere put together these 3 days featuring race and freeride, mini-ramp sessions, live concert, crazy awesome night slide session and of course all the things that you can only feel when you’re there. So, see you next year!12140877_904811899609828_2507086192908355122_o 12038882_904811826276502_1133721846066216395_o

Filmed by: Slavc Bakše, Matic Petrič, Jernej Podgoršek, Tomaž Kuplenik, Alexander Frischauf, Felix Rupitsch, Florian Wagner

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Edit: Slavc Bakše, Matic Petrič (graphics), Jernej Podgoršek (color correction)

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Wednesday November 18th, 2015