Project Moonlight – Downhill skateboarding under the full moon

France: One of the best experiences of my life has been to go down a hill on a road lit up just by the moon. Thanks to the new technologies, it is now possible to film such moments, which was unthinkable a little more than a year ago. The capability of this camera to film at night is better than what we can see with our own eyes.

Riders: Mathieu Zeder, Johanne Grandjean, Pierre Hardillier, Greg Péré, Keven Le Ber, Jules Hornung and Maxime Sorek.

Photographers: Alban Pernet and Rémi Nguyen Cao.

Special thanks: Artiom Missiri, Ana Lowry, Lyde Begue, Diogo Costa and Roman Brunisholz.

Thursday November 26th, 2015