BigMountainSkate Episode 4 – Bela JOYRIDE 2015 (Official Video)

AustriaThe third event this year was the greatest Bela JOYRIDE. Craaaazy road and nature along with some super good riders from all around the world, did this event even more awesome. In this video you’ll get all the greatest parts of the event. Play!


sector 9, Blue Tomato,  Triple Eight, Cult Wheels, RischBTR

Filmed by: Slavc Bakše, Matic Petrič, Jernej Podgoršek, Alexander Frischauf, Louis Pilloni, Markus Knoblechner, Felix Rupitsch, Florian Wagner

Camera Assistant: Tomaž Kuplenik

Edit: Slavc Bakše

Music: The Who – Teenage Wasteland (Baba O`Riley)



Monday September 28th, 2015
Downhill Longboard