REVIEW: The very low Newton Skate trucks


Newton Trucks sent us a set of truck to check out earlier this summer of after couple month of riding them, Oz give you his thoughts:

If I had to sum up my thoughts in regards to the Newton truck, it would be: Where were these truck when I started learning to skate? As a longboarder who picked up the sport in his early 30s these would have come in real handy to get a grip on balance and stability.


What are the Newton Trucks?

The Newton are 50° RKP trucks but what makes them different is their low profile. Swap it for your current truck on your board and you’ll find yourself half and inch to the ground, and even closer if you flip the hangers.


Side by side comparison with a Paris truck . Both truck have a 50° baseplate on

The innovative design gives you get the stability of a dropped deck on a top mount setup. The drawback is wheelbite which is why cutaway boards are the preferred option for these trucks. I’ve measure the distance of board to wheel centre to be 2″ vs the Paris truck at 2.4″.



(Left) Reversible Hanger featuring a ball a socket joint.

The most obvious innovation is of course the fact that the setup brings you almost half and inch closer to the ground compared to any other trucks I’ve come across before. You may think that’s not much difference but give it a ride and you’ll definitely feel one. Another way to look at it is that its 20% lower to the ground. Being lower to the ground and having less metal also means that it it noticeably lighter.


Another neat little innovation are the fatter baseplate. Having the oval-shape means they can handle more force. You can get a better explanation of how this works on Newton’s website


Hanger set up the conventional way but they can also be set flipped to get even lower

Final thoughts.

I’m quite enjoying riding these trucks so far. They feel nice and responsive and are great on a commuter setup. Whether you are a longboard commuter or new to the sport trying to find your balance, the Newton truck definitely make things easier.

You can find out more about these truck at

Monday August 10th, 2015
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