The Dyneema Project ad featuring an awesome longboard stunt

We are thrilled to see our latest campaign for DSM Dyneema launch today and would like to invite you to watch this short film we made to mark an exciting new era in performance textiles.

When a scientist accidentally discovered world’s lightest and strongest fibre in 1963, he couldn’t have imagined that it would change the world. This incredible ‘superhero’ fibre has been used to create ultra strong ropes, bulletproof vests, F1 seat belts, America’s Cup yacht sails and even medical kit.

Now, after years of development the fibre is ready to be incorporated in fabrics- and will undoubtedly change the world of sportswear and apparel forever. Amsterdam-based production company, Mike Teevee, has made this short teaser to celebrate this revolutionary product and to inspire premium brands to engage and collaborate with Dyneema.

Please note, all the stunts you see in this video are genuine performances with the use of Dyneema clothing; for example in the motorbikers suit. The long boarder stunt (without giving too much away) uses no special effects or fakery, this is a real crash, into real glass.

Tuesday July 28th, 2015