The Bustin Shrike with Toti Bicicleta and Perropro

Starting from the ground up, we sourced the think tank of our team riders and flow team and began designing a board to continue our #SkateEverything mentality. The goal was to create something that could be used in our home on the streets of NYC, all the way out to the hills and mountains of CA, and everywhere in between. The Shrike (or the Mystery Model as it was known for the majority of it’s development) is born of the collective desire to skate, developed using high detail rendering and molding, and presented to the world ready to take on anything.


The Shrike is a beast of an all-performance deck – designed for the speed enthusiast and kick-tail junkie alike. The “Not-Drop” platform utilizes 3-demensional bending of the wood to create a drop towards the rails of the board, which softens out to a light rocker in the spine. Not only does this add strength throughout the deck (moar bends, MOAR POWER!), but it also creates what we’re calling “Venusian Dimples”… back dimples. These pockets lock-in toes and heels alike superbly for ultimate control when freeriding, but are subtle enough to be comfortable no matter where you stand – it’s ALL EFP. Symmetrical kick-tails designed to pop and featuring a concave extended from tip to tip makes snapping, popping, and flipping it easier than any 37” deck you’ve ever ridden. A sick graphic from Ohio-based artist, Mike Moses (@thedrowntown), completes this adrenaline-minded, alpine-loving monster. The Shrike is here, leave your other decks hanging up on the wall.

The culture we’ve built over the years at Bustin of #SkateEverything has encouraged us to push our limits – to skate more, faster, harder. The Shrike embodies that in all manners. It’s ability to perform in all environments makes it ideal as the one deck to strap to a backpack when traveling, or always have in the trunk, just in case. Whether you find yourself in the city, with a set of TKPs and a curb or bank to slash, or on a hill with a high-speed set-up, itching to slide, the Shrike is the board to have on hand.


How you set the Shrike up all depends on how you plan on riding. If you want the most pop out of the kicktail for street riding and popping freestyle tricks, grab a set of TKP trucks with an axle between 9” and 10” (Polar Bear 155’s or 180’s, Indy 169’s or 215’s are great!) and small wheels and set the board up on the smallest wheelbase.

For more confidence at speed, go for lower angle RKP’s in that same 9” to 10” range (Caliber II’s and Cast Ronin’s are awesome, but don’t let us stop you from using your favorite precision truck). Paired with larger freeride wheels in the 70 – 73mm range (or square-lips for grip… if you’re feeling feisty) and mounted on the widest wheelbase option, and the Shrike becomes a speed fiend.

OR! Find your happy medium somewhere in those combinations for a single, do-it-all setup.



  • NOT DROP PLATFORM – Rocker and drop warped together to create the perfect combination of top-mount leverage, and drop-deck confidence.
  • VENUSIAN DIMPLES – Beautiful pockets that cup the heel and ball of the foot perfectly for freeriding, while remaining unobtrusive for freestyle. No more Monkey toe!
  • CONCAVE KICKTAILS – Meticulously designed kicktails enhanced by a touch of concave for added pop. Symmetrical so you always land facing forwards.
  • ADJUSTABLE WHEELBASE OPTIONS – Pull it all the way in to 22” for a super nimble ride and ultimate pop. Or push it out to get stable and fast.


It was our pleasure to team up with artist Mike Moses (aka @thedrowntown) for the graphic on the Shrike. Mike is an Ohio-based tattoo artist and co-owner of Spiritus Tattoo in Columbus.


37.75″ Long | 9.5” Wide | 22″ – 24.88″ WB | .26” Rocker / Drop | .61” Concave

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Monday July 20th, 2015