Jonny Miller – All About The Ride – | Abec11 

From the youtube description:

Best known for being the owner/operator of the infamous “Toyland” skate ranch, Jonny Miller is a name that is recognized by OG skaters and young guns alike.

Throughout Jonny’s life, skateboarding has served as a way to help the younger generation. From the local skate parks to his own front yard, Jonny has routinely taken time out of his busy day to provide encouragement and free skate clinics for the young skaters and groms in the area. In addition to his talent on the board, Jonny is a master woodworker creating way cool deck-art, paintings, and Tiki sculptures for homes, galleries, restaurants, and trade show booths.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and when it does you just gotta just roll with the punches. That’s exactly what Jonny has always done, and despite having to take some time off from skating early on in his life, skateboarding has always been at his core. Jonny is showing no signs of letting his 51 year old body slow him down, and he puts more love, stoke, and dedication into his skating than most people a fraction of his age.

Like he always says, “It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the ride.” And what a ride it’s been.

Jonny Miller … we salute you!

Directed/Filmed/Edited: Michael Alfuso
Driver: Trent Stake

Thursday July 23rd, 2015
Community Longboard Weekly Top 5