EXCLUSIVE: Mischo Erban approves of Next boards electirc skateboard

Vienna, Austria: Coming to the market will be the Next Boards Electric Skateboard. And though their site is not up yet, they sent us some info that’s got us buzzing over here.


The big buzz is not so much about the product, details are still scarce, but who is backing it. Mischo Erban, Guiness World Records holder for Fastest skateboard speed, standing gives the Next Boards his thumbs up.


Electric skateboard naysayers – Swallow your pride.

What we know so far:


  • Longboard is powered by modified outrunner BLDC motors, which are installed in the longboard wheels and managed by ESC – electronic speed controllers with specially adapted software.
  • Electric charge is based on LiPoly six cell battery with voltage 22,2V and capacity of 8000mAh.
  • Board is made of nine layers of maple veneer. All classic 180mm trucks can be used.

More info coming soon.

Saturday July 18th, 2015
Electric Skateboards Rider