Brady Brown – Best In Town | Bombora Boards

Ontario, Canada: Brady Brown shows us why he’s the BEST IN TOWN in his new skate part. Watch him dodge deers while not even loosing a flicker of a moment of steezy riding, proof that he’s been absolutely killing it this year on his new Bombora pro model board the “Ronin”

Bombora Brotherhood member Kyle Lahaie backs him up while charging through the deer riddled Escarpment here in Ontario. Watch for more from Kyle soon!

This has to be one of Matt Bo’s best video’s he has ever produced!!! He is quickly becoming one of the best skate videographers in North America.


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  • Longboard Haven
  • Cult Wheels
  • Zero Fucks Bolt Company


  • Deck – Bombora Ronin
  • Trucks – PNL Strummers
  • Wheels – Cult 81a traction beams
  • Bolts – Zero Fucks Bolt Company

Monday July 20th, 2015
Deck Longboard