DB Longboards Portland Adventure

Portland, Oregon: Longboard adventures and road trips are the best. Two weeks ago we ventured to Portand for two days to stop by Daddies and Rip City, skate a few local spots and snag some Voodo Donuts. It was rad and we hope you enjoy the edit, photos and rant that is about to begin…now!


Cam Frazier, Nathan Pauli and Matt McDonald jumped in the DB Longboards van and headed to Vancouver, Washington (right across the bridge from Portland) to check out a spot and skate with Atlas Trucks team rider Harley Rienecker. It was raining on and off all day and it made the pavement real patchy, which made skating challenging at first.

Overall the longboard scene in Vancouver is still pretty small, but growing, Harley said.

“There aren’t really any runs in Vancouver but the hills 10-15 minutes out of town (Washougal and Camas) are sick and I still have some exploring to do out there. Its definitely a good place to stop if you’re on your way out to Maryhill or going down south from Seattle.”

After that longboard session we drove over the Columbia River to Portland to meet up with Cloud Ride Wheels team rider Noah Throckmorton at Rip City Skate where he works. Noah fueled up with a burrito and Cam skated around the shop. We decided to head to Swtichbacks to get a few runs in. The weather was messing with us that day because it started raining again when we got to the skate spot.
Noah was riding a the Borealis from Subsonic Skateboards and Randal trucks with his Cloud Ride Wheels. Cam was back on the DB Longboards Keystone 37″, Cloud Ride Ozones and Atlas Trucks.

The next day we woke up bright and early at a Shilo Inn that had a bomb continental breakfast that we passed up for some 12 hour old Voodoo Donuts. One spot we had to hit up was Rowena Crest, which is a beautiful road due to it being a series of loops. After we captured a few more photos we jumped back in the van and headed back to Portland. We said our goodbyes to Noah (single tear) and headed to Daddies Board Shop.

More photos here

Friday June 19th, 2015
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