2015 Maryhill Festival of Speed edits, results, and report

Edit by Moonshine MFG. from this years event

Goldendale, WA: Another year another great Maryhill Festival of speed. Here’s everything you that went down at the IDF WC race.


Zak Maytum, King of Maryhill 2015

Open Results

1 Zak Maytum United States
2 Alex Charleson Canada
3 Kevin Reimer Canada
4 Spencer Smith United States
5 Patrick Switzer Canada
6 Brendan Davidson Canada
7 Jimmy Riha United States
8 Carlos Paixão Brazil
9 Thiago Gomes Lessa Brazil
10 Trevor Ovenden United States

Women Skateboard

1 Emily Pross United States
2 Victoria Waddington Canada
3 Marie Bougourd France
4 Tamara Prader Switzerland
5 Melissa Brogni Da Luz Brazil
6 Magdalena Blanc Argentina
7 Marisa Nunez United States
8 Loryn Roberson United States
9 Nayhomi Cruz Ramos Puerto Rico
10 Cassandra Duchesne Canada

Junior Skateboard

1 Alex Charleson Canada
2 Shamar Jackson United States
3 Tyron Knight Australia
4 Leo Sartor Canada
5 Knox Heslop United States
6 Michal Cihlar United States
7 Elijah Vinograd United States
8 Jacob Huff Canada
9 Christian Phillips United States
10 Ethan Vinograd United States

Open Final Finish line

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Tuesday June 30th, 2015
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