HiTeq 2015 South African’s going fast and turning left or right sometimes.

Cape Town, South Africa: The race scene down here in deepest-darkest Africa is at its highest level ever, and still growing. Youngsters are dominating race entries, but as per usual they still have a lot to learn! With a masters category now also in place, the downhill community is both set in its ways and ready for a revolution.

Houwteq and Highrising are two races that are fun, great for everyone and can be taken at full-tilt.

Decio was knocked off his throne-of-domination and the weekend saw many rivalries dissolve into stoke-filled rides of hard competition.

Longest standy comp was held, as well as a top-ten shootout.

“The ladies have also been killing it, and the beauties of bombing here in the Cape continue to push the ladies division. It’s hard to take your eyes off the road with their smooth, erm, lines. “

Tuesday May 19th, 2015
Downhill SAGRA