2015 Bustin Sportster Series Release

William Royce in New York City on the first edition Sportster.

Brooklyn, NY: The Bustin Sportster was first released back in 2012 to meet the demand for a super low push deck that offered a little more. The double-dropped platform combined with the rocker made for an incredibly low, yet stiff and stable, pusher.


The drop-through design combined with our new RDR mold (radial micro-drops and rocker throughout the standing platform) give this deck a low down, high response, super controlled ride unlike any other board. This year we’ve dialed back the rocker and the drop size to give a little more leverage over the trucks and more road clearance with smaller freeride wheels.

The ultra-mild dampening flex provided by the slightly-rockered shape and hip notches make this deck comfortable on smooth or rough terrain and the forked nose design allow it to pack a huge engine into a tight 36″ or 33” frame while still maintaining a suitable wheelbase.

sportster33 sportster36 sportsterpro

The Sportster PRO will continue to be offered in the race-stiff ThermoCarbon construction with only minor changes to the mold and shape (if it aint broke…). The Sportster PRO is the dedicated performance board of the family and is the only candidate properly suited for very high speeds, whether flat ground or gravity driven. The flush truck mounting, stiff lay-up, and super low height make the Sportster PRO the ultimate drag racing deck. The ThermoCarbon, pro edition has been and continues to be one or our most popular boards.

Carla Javier in San Francisco on the Sportster and fresh Five-O Classic Wheels


The Sportster Series is designed primarily for RKP trucks, especially considering how low it is already. If you do decide to go for a TKP or other truck with a low ride height, make sure to use larger wheels to allow for adequate clearance from the road. We recommend looking for a truck in the 180mm / 10” range – look into Paris 180’s, Caliber II’s or similar trucks. For pushing or commuting, we recommend a hard-lipped soft wheel like the Bustin Premier Series or, if you want to go really large, the Orangatang Kegel.


PROGRESSIVE RADIAL CONCAVE – An ever evolving board merits an ever evolving concave! Progressive radial concave means the ‘cave is nice and gentle in the middle for easy pushing, and steeper towards the rails for grip when you need it!

ROCKER – The rocker is extended solely between the drops, which means that you don’t feel any change in the mounting platform, but you still get all the locked-in feeling of a rockered platform.

RADIAL DROPS – The classic radial drop feel from the original Sportster, flushed out to provide true truck performance and additional leverage over your bushings – MORE TURN!

SYMMETRICAL – Slide it and ride it, there’s no wrong way to throw down on the Sportster!


SPORTSTER 33”: | 33” Long | 9.75” Wide | 26.5” Wheelbase | .625” Concave | .5” Radial Drop | .25” Rocker

SPORTSTER 36”: 36” Long | 10” Wide | 29.5” Wheelbase | .625” Concave | .5” Radial Drop | .25” Rocker

SPORTSTER PR: 37.5” Long | 10” Wide | 29.5” WheelBase | .625” Concave | .5” Radial Drop | .5” Rocker


 More info: blog.bustinboards.com

Saturday May 2nd, 2015
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