Sk8Trip to the Dominican Republic (PART 1) | Abec 11

Dominican Republic:  Catch up with the Abec 11 crew and they take some time in the sun shredding all the way from Santo Domingo, to the peaceful town of La Lomota.

Directed/Cinematography: Michael Alfuso
Producer: Chris Chaput
Aerial Footage: Oiliver Dadswell (EyeFly Films)
Camera Assistants: Catherine Goico, Anabelle Frias, Miguel Cabreja, Giancarlo Di Vanna

Riders: Miguel Cabreja, Pam Diaz, Cesar Pucheu, Benito Bencosme, Giancarlo Di Vanna, Wilbert Caba
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Saturday February 7th, 2015
Downhill Longboard Weekly Top 5