REVIEW: Gorilla Palm – Impact, Abrasion & Damage Control for your wrist.


The Gorilla palms are protective hand straps that offer impact protection for your wrist and everything connected to it. We’re calling them straps and not fingerless gloves since the only finger holes are for the thumbs.


The company was kind enough to send us couple of pairs to check out. We come back with o review talking about the usefulness of the palms for longboarding.

The palm is held together by a Velcro strap and the thumb hole prevents it from sliding up and down the palm. The main innovation is the triangular strong flexible polyurethane pad with air pocket that is designed to absorb shock.


Pictured above is the right way of wearing the palm, but for a longboarder used to wearing slide gloves it felt counter intuitive. Everyone who tried it on the first time seemed to be wearing the wrong way with the V shape of the pad pointing down.

Let’s be clear, the Gorilla palm is not a slide glove nor is it trying to be one. Traditional slide pucks deals with the impact by sliding the force into a forwards sliding motion but the Gorilla Pad are designed to absorb the shock and does not slide.


The Polyurethane pads – yellow version – removed form the gloves showing the air pockets

You can easily picture someone’s top palm area scraping the road when falling/sliding at high speed since the gorilla Palm offer no protection to the top part of your palm.

But at low speed for freestyle and dancing, it’s quite a good alternative to a slide glove. It offers descent protection from the occasional fall while giving your fingers enough flexibility to grab your board. How much flexibility you ask? Our test rider used it on his daily commute to work (Skate-Train-Skate) and didn’t fell the need to remove them at all, even for reaching out to his wallet to find a token to pay for his fare, of clipping his helmet on ad off.


  • Light and breathable
  • Low profile
  • Allows for good finger mobility (We even used chopsticks with the palms on)
  • Gives better shock absorption than slide pucks when falling without sliding.
  • The polyurethane pad is sturdier than it looks (Pictured below shows the state of the palm after being strapped to a shoed and used to footbrake for a while- Damage was visible but minimal)

Close up of pad after some vigorous asphalt scraping


  • Having no upper palm protection you do feel more vulnerable as you pick up more speed.
  • Velcro straps without a loop makes it tricky to close tight one handed
  • Would have preferred to have more finger holes for the other fingers for less sliding out of place
  • A bit counter intuitive on how to wear it (Kept wearing left palm on right hand and vice-versa)
  • Still need to wear warm gloves underneath in cold weather


Overall the Gorilla Palm offers good protection for when you fall off your board at slow speed or on your back. One could argue they are actually better than a slide gloves I these scenarios. It’s a good option for your average commuter and freestyler who may find slide puck too cumbersome but still want some level of protection.

Saturday January 24th, 2015
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