Rayne Longboards Presents Island Hopping with Roberto Cobian

PR, Dominican: Island vibes and Island times in this new edit with Roberto Cobian. Hitting some well known favorites and some secret spots in his native Puerto Rico, the Dominican and the surrounding islands, Roberto takes his G-Mack through it’s paces exactly how it’s meant to get skated – hard and fast. Don’t let the irie island vibes or cool beats fool you, Roberto bombs these island roads.

Rayne team rider Roberto Cobian stands sideways and goes fast in the island hills of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic,in his most recent edit; and he makes it look good. This week he’s racing at Guajataka Downhill in PR and rumor has it that local boy Roberto is using the home field advantage and has qualified first after heats. Judging by his freeride runs in this edit, the field at Guajataka is going to have a lot on their hands when stepping onto Roberto’s turf.

Get stoked on some freeriding and send Roberto some fast vibes for the rest of the race.

Rider: Roberto Cobian

Setup: Rayne G-Mack, Skoa Trucks, Abec-11 wheels, Holesom pucks

Film and Edit: Pam Diaz & Miguel Cabreja

G-Mack Specs and Features:


  • Rocker Platform – Pre-loads your legs for fast precise slides and easier spins
  • Kicks – Flat Nose and Tail Kicks to help you get to where you need to go
  • Sharp Edges – Final touch for locked in feet.
  • Fat Bottom Bamboo Core – Strong and light, thick and juicy, this baby’s got back.
  • Mean Cave – Concave designed to be steeper in the middle to give you both pockets and gas pedals.
  • Pre-tensioned Triaxial fibreglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
  • Sublimated Artwork – Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
  • Speed-stiff – Don’t get bounced! Stiff boards will make you stable at high speeds.
  • Fully Symmetrical Concave, with an Asymettrical Shape – Freedom to choose any Path or direction, all while looking like a Boss!
  • Universal Variable Top Mounting – Lets you pick the wheelbase that works best for you.
  • Bee Orange Finish – Smells good, taste great, and seals and protects your board without harmful chemicals.

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Friday January 30th, 2015
Downhill Weekly Top 5