Rayne Longboards Presents High Spot Trippin

Beautiful BC: What more do you need than good friends, good weather, and a vehicle to go hit some good spots? Not a whole lot. Five friends, a bunch of skateboards, and a rad road trip sounds pretty damn good. Rayne team riders Mischa Chandler, Aidan Lynds, Mike Slota, and Victoria Waddington, and Rayne supporter Shane Macinnis went for a skate adventure drive last spring and put together this rad little edit. Hill bombing, dirt boarding, park skating, cold swims – this one has it all; and with an all star cast. skating was done, beers were had, fingers ended up at strange angles, but everyone had a rad time and that’s why we do what we do. The High Spot crew hailing from Chinatown in Vancouver does it up right, they skate everything and anything that looks like it might be a good time.


Crank the volume, grab your bevvy of choice and let the High Spot crew get you stoked for your next foray into wild and untamed hills, spots, and parks.

Riders: Mischa Chandler, Aidan Lynds, Mike Slota, Victoria Waddington, Shane Macinnis

Setups: Assorted Rayne decks and wheels

Edit: Aidan Lynds


Friday January 9th, 2015