Mini Documentary: Pam Diaz – Freedom (ABEC 11 / JET Skateboards)

Get to know the Dominican Republic #1 female rider Pam Diaz in this mini-doc put on by her sponsors Abec11 and Jet Skateboards

As Abec 11 puts it: 

Pam Diaz’s life as a female athlete in the male dominated sport of longboard skateboarding. Her persistence and determination has placed her at the forefront of the skating scene in the Dominican Republic and has earned her support and respect from skaters around the world. She has become a role model for other women because of her perfect balance of confidence, drive, and pure unadulterated stoke.

To know Pam is to love Pam. Anyone who has ever met Pam is greeted with her positive attitude and infectious smile. But don’t mistake her kindness with weakness. She never backs down and not only keeps up with the boys – she leads them!

Monday January 5th, 2015
Longboard Weekly Top 5