Rayne announces the NEW ressurected Forge

Vancouver, BC: A re-incarnated Forge takes its place on the Rayne lineup. The Forge (C$139.95), for those who remember, was Graham Buksa’s first released deck and after  being set aside now come back out of retirement under the feet of Marisa Nunez.

Good to see Rayne adding ad bit of mellow to their lineup which over the recent years has been mainly focused on downhill freeride.


Out of the Forge comes the heartless mini.

Launching a new deck means couples of off-cuts and blems here and there. True to Rayne’s mantra of waste not, the company also presents the Heartless Mini (28″). These up-cycled decks are cut from full-sized Forges that didn’t quite make the cut, and would be otherwise unusable. This also means that they are limited in numbers and going for quite a bargain (C$119 complete)


More on the Forge or Heartless Mini at www.raynelongboards.com


Friday November 7th, 2014
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