Has Loaded’s youtube channel been hijacked?


Well this sure is different. Loaded/ O-tangTV just uploaded a series of obscure shorts. Not sure if they’ll be there for long so better just them out now just in case they disappear. Anyone with a more meaningful explanation that they did it just for fun please get in touch. Maybe there are some subliminal message we’re missing.

Rat Pack Man

How many rats could a Pacman pack, if a pacman packed up rats?

Sounds of the wild

Catch a tigers toe. If he hollers… then you should put it on youtube because tigers usually dont talk

Great balls of Garlic

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

You’re being tapped

How long is life? How far can we go? Who knows? Who cares.

Blue Crush

Watch him do it with a gallon jug next!

Tomato Jam

Don’t be jelly of this jam.

Cricket in the Thicket

True love can be found in the densest and darkest forests.


Monday November 24th, 2014
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