The Liquid Truck Company = Attack + Liquid + Fyre | Promo Video

Promo video for the new Attack, Liquid, and Fyre Series from Liquid truck. If you are not familiar with the company here’s what you need to know – It’s a newly formed sister company of Abec11 (the wheel maker) and  a long time dream of owner Chris Chaput.


Their top of the line Fyre truck features a Sliding Kingpin technology. The weight of the rider doesn’t load the bottom bushing. Instead the two pivot bearings, where the hanger leans on a very precise axis of rotation, take care of the rider’s weight . This frees up the bushings up to do their job which is to provide compression and resistance when turning.

The technology explained in our previous post

Video Description:

The Liquid Truck Company has unleashed the all new Attack, Liquid, and Fyre Series. The Fyre Trucks are the most high performance precision race trucks ever designed. The Fyre Arm holds the precise axis of rotation while the unique kingpin system and Abec 11 bushings allow for extra lean, traction, and control. Because we proudly make our CNC trucks in the USA at our Sk8Trip facility, the cost of our trucks are also under control!

For the ultimate in freeriding and all things longboarding, the fully compatible Attack RKP cast trucks and the Liquid CNC trucks have everything you need. We provide more hanger widths and baseplate angles than any other truck company in the world. Our precision cast Attack hangers are perfectly compatible with our CNC machined Liquid baseplates and vice versa. And just about every RKP hanger on the market will fit on our baseplates. We also make both raked and rakeless hangers to completely dial in you ride. This year get onboard our trucks and see what we mean when we say Power To The Skater!

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Sunday November 2nd, 2014
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