Three Ballin – Free Wheel Co.

Sam Galus left the wet Seattle Weather for a quick trip East to the Martian Alpine of a specific Northwest State for some downhill Release. Follow along as Sam shreds down 3 very different types of roads.

The first is an awesome neighborhood access road that allows for some great corners and big slides.
The Second is a housing development that was bankrupted for the sake of downhill skateboarding, we had to sneak into it!
And the third hill is one of the best private driveways you could ever hope to skate. The locals hate skateboards, but they love Salmon, so we traded the local residents 10 pounds of fresh salmon, and they let us skate the hill for 2 hours.

When we left the hill we cleaned the entire road of trash, and the neighbors gave us the gate code to comeback whenever we want.

This trip was a blast, and you should always respect onlookers, and always wave to passer-bys. they may let you skate their private driveway!

Monday October 20th, 2014