Rayne Longboards Presents: Patrick Switzer – Soldier of (Mis)Fortune

Vancouver, BC, Canada: Quivers are good for the soul. Having different boards for different days might seem extravagant to outsiders, but some people just don’t get it and never will. Patrick Switzer has a well documented quiver, but his current weapons of choice are his pro model Rayne boards the Fortune and Misfortune.


In this slick edit, shot and edited by Aidan Lynds, Patrick takes his Misfortune for a rip on some of the lower mainland’s gems. Despite the name, the Misfortune hauls booty and yields prosperity and richness to those brave souls who mount up and treat her right. Go fast, get sideways, be stylish – the Misfortune is a vessel made to provide bountiful rewards.


P.S. a little birdy told me to keep a lookout for the special edition Dee-lite Misfortune coming soon.

Rider: Patrick Switzer | Setup: Rayne Misfortune, Ronin 150mm cast, O-tang 80a Kilmers | Edit: Aidan Lynds

Check www.raynelongboards.com for full specs.

Friday October 10th, 2014
Deck Freeride Longboard Weekly Top 5