Persson and Kelly each get their own R.A.D Influence Pro Wheels

Rider Approved Designs introduces the Adam Persson Influence.  It features a unique shape, designed to maximize grip in every turn featuring the Crown Core, a 70mm diameter and a 56mm contact patch. The small offset hub allows the inner lip to flex for maximum traction

Diameter: 70mm | Contact Patch: 56mm | Durometer: 78a

James Kelly Influence

Another Pro wheel to be announced is the James Kelly Influence. Designed for fast freeriding it features a unique shape designed to grip corners while maintaining the ability to throw long, controlled slides. This pro model features the Crown Core, a 70mm Diameter and a 54mm contact patch. The larger offset serves to stiffen the inner lip for a smooth release into buttery slides.

Diameter: 70mm | Contact Patch: 54mm | Durometer: 80a


Monday October 13th, 2014