Omen’s new wheel division Free Wheel Co. Launches with 4 flavours

Free Wheel Co. FREE Agentswheels

Free wheel Co. is a new wheel company (From the guys at Omen Lomgboards) that just recently launched and currently offers 4 wheels. Their tag line is “- The Best Things in Life are Free” (read starting from $37.99 for their Free Dumbs wheels) the offering will please DH and Freeride lovers.



Style: Downhill | Diameter: 70mm | Contact Patch: 50mm | Durometer: 80a | Bearing placement: Offset | Surface: Unbroken

FREE Dumbs


Style: Freeride | Diameter: 64mm | Contact Patch: 36mm | Durometer: 78a | Bearing placement: Centerset | Surface: Stone Ground

FREE Ballins


Style: Freeride | Diameter: 70mm | Contact Patch: 38mm | Durometer: 78a | Bearing placement: Offset / Hubset | Surface: Stone Ground

FREE Willies


Style: Freeride | Diameter: 69mm | Contact Patch: 38mm | Durometer: 78a | Bearing placement: Centerset | Surface: Stone Ground


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Monday October 6th, 2014
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