The hoverboard is here – THEY FINALLY DID IT!

It was 2015 when Marty McFly rode the famous Mattel hoverboard. Now reality almost meets fiction right on schedule.They finally made a hoverboard!


The hoverboard you’ll soon be riding won’t be by Mattel but by Hendo. The company just lauched it’s first proof of concept. The Hendo hoverboard project is was literally seeking your help to get off the ground (one inch off to be exact) and become a commercial reality.


Just like Mattel’s version in Back to the Future, the device does not work on water. The hovering mechanism uses magnetic fields meaning it only works on a metal surface. Nonetheless it’s still pretty freaking amazing.


Check their kickstarter pitch for more detail or  head to their website at



Friday October 24th, 2014