Boomtown 12: The Big Boom Slide Jam 2014

Eugene, Oregon: The Big Boom 2014 kicked off August 22-24th in Eugene, Oregon with three events in one weekend! First, the Gullwing Truck Co. Pool Jam at the epic WJ Skatepark on Friday the 22nd, then the Original Skateboards/RDVX Boarder X Race on Saturday the 23rd featured 4 main heats in a downhill course that was littered with jump ramps, pumpers, and bank walls. Finally, on Sunday the 24th we rearranged the Boarder X Ramps to create a downhill skatepark for the Omen Longboards Slopestyle! Think snowboarding, riders were rewarded for creativity, speed, technical skill, and style.

This is personally my first attempt at editing any video. This is not the official video for the event. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible. Ross Druckrey and Brandon Tissen just to name a few. A lot of work and man power go into driving, moving, and organizing, these events and it could not be done without them.

Tuesday October 28th, 2014