Talegong Longboard Festival 2014 – FULL RECAP

Talegong, Garut – West Java INDONESIA: Talegong Longboard Festival 2014 went off really well last month, We were blessed with good sunny weather over the course of the 3-day event Encouraging Music from Sony Entertainment booth and Trail Conditions were perfect for racing and riders were on top of their games. Based on Garmin GPS data from Abdil Mahdzan (2012 World Champions of Street Luge), here are some Talegong track facts:

  • Elevation at start line: 1,300 m
  • Elevation at finish line: 1,200 m
  • Elevation drop: 100 m
  • Track length: 1.4 km
  • Average gradient: 7%

Max speed: 76 km/h (street luge) at finish line
Speed going thru crash corner (sharpest left): 45 km/h (street luge) Best time: 1:36


2 days event, over 40 riders (longboards, Street Luge, G-Bike) from Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Czech Republic, and Australia.

On 2nd Day Race (August 17th, 2014) was started by Flag Run Parade from All Longboarders, Street Luge riders & G-Bikers to celebrate Independence Day of Indonesia. This parade was also a practice run before the Race started. Heres the result from the race:

Junior Downhill Race Division
1st Place – Tomas R Diaz (Philippines) 2nd Place – Javier Lim (Singapore)
3rd Place – Farhan (Singapore)
4th Place – Zaza (Indonesia)

Women Downhill Race Division
1st Place – Jessica Putri (Indonesia)
2nd Place – Gemma Holland (Australia)

Street Luge Race
1st Place – Abdil Mahdzan (Malaysia)
2nd Place – Zen Rasta (Australia)
3rd Place – Varrel (Indonesia)

Gravity Bike Race
1st Place – Fandi (Indonesia)
2nd Place – Angga (Indonesia)
3rd Place – Dewa (Indonesia)

Class B Final Result was :
1st Place – Fuad (Singapore)
2nd Place – Gerard Andika (Indonesia)
3rd Place – Gemma Holland (Australia)
4th Place – Rama LBHC (Indonesia)
Consi 1st – Kent Jubela (Philippines)
Consi 2nd – Raffi Prahaspadito (Indonesia)
Consi 3rd – Zaza (Indonesia)
Consi 4th – Fridoun Chee (Indonesia)

Class A Final Result was :
1st Place – Dandoy Tongco (Philippines)
2nd Place – Tomas R Diaz (Philippines)
3rd Place – Ering Ricablanca (Philippines)
4th Place – Joseph Epos Falcone (Philippines)
Consi 1st – Noriyuki Tamura (Japan)
Consi 2nd – Bryan Tongco (Philippines)
Consi 3rd – Farhan (Singapore)
Consi 4th – Pedro Escarda (Philippines)

Longboard Festival 2014 that presented by Longboarders for Longboarders together with SONY Action Cam. Some comments about the track & the event brings another hope to gain the objective of the event , to discover lot of Downhill spots here in Indonesia.

Thursday September 25th, 2014