Seismic introduces LokTon High Performance Griptape


The industry is getting crowded and with so many companies vying for your wallet the aim of the game is to make things different and stand out of the crowd. Seismic is doing so by launching a different type of griptape.

The New Seismic LokTon are 36-Grit High-Performance Griptape that comes in 3 flavours. The classic solid shape and two holes pattern versions– Honey Comb and Metal Plates. The patterns decrease the tape weight  by up to 40% while hole edges increase grip.

The LokTon is schedule to drop end October Early November so keep and eye on this site for more.



From Seismic:

Developed with a high-end abrasives manufacturer over the course of 18 months, Seismic’s new 36-grit Lokton™ griptape features a special grain never seen before in skateboarding – noticeably sharper, tougher, and grippier than the aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grains seen on other griptapes. Praise from test riders is unanimous. Not just sharper and grippier, but also more durable, heat-resistant, and water-resistant, with outstanding adhesion to decks. Available in packs of three (3) 11×11-inch sheets, as well as 60-foot rolls. Square sheets available in two lasercut hole patterns, as well as solid for maximum surface coverage. Honeycomb and Metal-Plate hole patterns decrease weight by up to 40%, while hole edges increase grip. Lock in with Lokton!

Monday September 29th, 2014
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