Lush Longboard latest decks: The Chopper and an updated Legend


The guys at lush just have got two new decks (Or three if you account for the also recently released Lush Burner). In a effort to please everyone, they each fall on the different end of the spectrum. The All-New Chopper is Lush’s biggest twinkick offering and will please the do it all types while the updated legend is here to please boarwalkers and dancers.

As described by Lush:


Introducing our bigger twinkick – the Chopper is the true All Terrain Vehicle of the Lush quiver. Equally at home in the park, on the streets, sideways on your local hill, it’s perfect for the all-around ripper or taller skater looking for a do-it-all deck. Each board is individually cold pressed from Hardrock Canadian Maple to ensure that they are all the same concave – we’re not hot pressing like cheaper brands and we’re not stacking boards up in the press to make them faster, either. Light, strong and tough with pop!

The “Legend” was the name of the first ever Lush board, shaped all those years ago in a Yorkshire cellar… it’s latest
incarnation is a “dancer” shape, refined over the years to be slightly shorter, lighter and stronger than previous versions. Featuring a super-comfy Rocker Profile with solid kicks and both ends, a simple but functional shape, wheel wells to keep things low, this is the perfect deck for all those Tiger Flips and Peter Pans. This year we have shortened things up a little, making the decks slightly easier to get off the ground and more manoeuvrable for flips, turns and spins. Now featuring X-Flex, the Legend is stronger, lighter and flexier than ever…

Saturday September 20th, 2014
Deck Manufacturer