Ekick Torpedo Skateboard Safety Lights

New York, NY: Just launched today is the funding campaign for the Ekick Torpedo Skateboard Safety Lights. What we like about this product and differentiates it from others is that it can retrofit pretty much any deck by adding only a minimal rise to them.  And this is just the one of many advantages we see in this product.


Ivan Estevez, Co-Founder of Ekick Technologies tells longboardism more about his company’s offering:

We’ve created a aluminum light riser that gives you 2 headlights to see 16 ahead and 2 back red lights that gives you a range of visibility  to be seen, 330 degrees to be more precise. Our lights can be used up to 8 hours continuously on a single charge. The battery is removable with it’s own charger and the whole unit weighs less than half a pound. The skatelights will also have add-ons in the future such as more lights, stat trackers, generators and more.


Other featuers include an onboard accelerometer for the advanced version that detects when your slowing down and activates the back red lights like brake lights. These light features are on the skatelights because people are used to seeing cars and know how to act when they see one at night. Our goal is to make something simple for skating because skaters can build off of it and make it there own.


To find our more and fund this project head to www.indiegogo.com


Tuesday September 30th, 2014
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