Bustin Boards – Steven Vera Boombox 38 Street Fighter

Style Is Created, Not Mandated || Steven Vera‘s original nickname when he came onto the team was the ‘hammer’ because his main job was to help us test the strength of our MaestroPRO prototypes. His flat ground, longboard style was unconventional. “Who does that sh_t..” people asked. “I do,” said Steven and he kept skating the way he enjoyed and the way that came natural to him. He put his headphones on and he did what was fun for him. He proved that despite any amount of haters and weak conformists, a confident kid in New York can go a long way if he sticks to his craft.

In Europe and Asia, Steven’s style struck a chord with skaters and longboarders not jaded by the pop-skate-culture hate that has agitated the sport here in the US. His style has inspired riders in many places he’s never been, but perseverance will take you places. As we write this video description Steven is on a plane for the Bustin Asia Tour with stops in Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing where a welcoming skate community has coined his Chinese nickname as ‘Street Fighter’.

Be true. Skate For Fun.

Video by Khaleeq Alfred
Song by Dizzy Wright, “The Flavor”


Friday September 5th, 2014
Downhill Longboard Weekly Top 5