Build Custom 3D Longboard Concave w/ RDVX Grip Inplants

It was only a matter of time before they made these. Many riders have been already customising the concave of their decks by layering their gripptape  to get the shape they want. So why not make custom predefined shape that would save you time and give you a consistent concave form deck to deck.


In comes RDVX which, if the project gets funded, will make their “Inplants” available for you so that this tedious task is a thing of the past. RDVX Inplants are longboard skateboard grip inserts that mount between your deck and the bottom of your shoes to modify and improve how your board performs. 


 Check complete campaign detail on kickstarter

A customised ride for everyone

Maybe we’ll see manufacturers selling  completely flat decks with ”Inplants” package to give your deck a unique feel and concave. R&D into concave may become totally obsolete. Who knows.

Thursday September 4th, 2014
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