PEYRAGUDES NEVER DIES 2014 – Event Recap by 3heads

Day 1 recap – scroll down for day 2-4(3Heads Productions)

Peyragudes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France: It was an exciting weekend at high altitude a Peyragudes. Peyragudes Never Dies was the fifth World Cup stop for the IDF this season.

Day 2

In the Open category Canadian Kevin Reimer become the first this season to bag himself two WC wins. Reimer was followed by fellow Canadian Patrick Switzer.

Day 3

Different podium than the four previous WC race in women category where for the first time this season, Elena Corrigall did not make it to the top of the podium. The Canadian came third behind home crowd favourite Marie Bougourd (Spoky Woky)  and Peru/Australia’s Maga Mcwhinnie.

Day 4

In the Junior Australian COnnor Ferguson keep impressing with his third WC win this season.


Open division:

  1. Kevin Reimer
  2. Patrick Switzer
  3. Zak Maytum
  4. Dillon Stephens
  5. Byron Essert
  6. Jimmy Riha
  7. Aaron Hampshire
  8. Kyle Wester
  9. Matze Ebel
  10. Calvin Staub


  1. Marie Bougourd
  2. Maga Mcwhinnie
  3. Elena Corrigall
  4. Tamara Prader
  5. Lyde Begue
  6. Cristina Verdú
  7. Tash Graham
  8. Myrjam WeißschuhÈ


  1. Connor Ferguson
  2. Zac Italiano
  3. Patrick Lombardi
  4. Johannes Aalholm
  5. Harry Clarke
  6. Isac Printz
  7. Sergio Carrión
  8. Valentin Antuna
  9. Jørund Bratset
  10. Lui PriesterÈ

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