Bustin Boards – Toti Bicicleta: Somewhere In Spain Pt.II

Spain: The second installment of the Bustin Video Series, Somewhere In Spain, is now live!

Bustin Team Riders, Max Ballesteros, William Royce, and Toti Bicicileta spent 10 days this summer in the mountains of Spain along with PerroPro and the crew at Salsito House filming on some of the best roads in the world. Follow along as Toti leads you charging through some windy Spanish lines in style. Bustin will be releasing the next installments of Somewhere In Spain as they are produced.

Rider: Toti Bicicleta
Film: PerroPro
Song: “Carbonater” by Mountkimbie

Special thanks to the homies at Salsito House!

Thursday August 28th, 2014