Longboard Indonesia T.R.I.P

Indonesia: Here we are, present you with a little bit of Longboard Indonesia scene. We took most of the scene around Jakarta and Bandung.

We admit that we are still young in Longboard community. However, we see a lot of potential in our country terrains and also with the talents.

As the first longboard specialist in Indonesia, we have riders from different community and cities. Aryo with his awesome and clean technique, Andry (Cece) the hill bombers, Gerard (Gary) the Man, and Fadel from the LAKA Boys. Thanks for Bustin, Landyachtz, and Rayne who supporting them to spreading the stoked around Indonesia

We promise you that Indonesia will be the next longboard destination that offer awesome hospitality and superb tracks with magnificent view.

Get yourself Stoked by LongboardINA

Music: The Brims – Anti Gandja
Edit: Idus LAKA

Wednesday July 2nd, 2014
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