Just released: The Rayne Savage (Symm Avenger) and Kyle Wester V2 Vandal


Two new decks just came out the Rayne Factory. The as promised Kyle Wester pro model and the it’s-finally-been-properly-released symmetrical Avenger which will from now on be known as the Savage.

The Rayne Kyle Wester V2 Vandal

Since joining Rayne, we’ve been told Kyle Wester would have his own deck and here it is  – a new updated Vandal. The new V2 Vandal takes the simplicity of the original, and puts a Colorado twist on with Wester’s design.


The Original Vandal (Left) Next to the new Vandal V2 and the other Brickshaped directional recently released by Rayne

The Rayne Savage (a.k.a Symmetrical Avenger)


The symmetrical Avenger has been one of Rayne mythical creatures. Never on the official lineup, the beast has however been often spotted lurking their online store in discrete quantities bearing different graphics. The Symmetrical avenger is dead long line the Savage. Here’s the first official sighting of the deck previously refered to as the symmetrical Avenger. The Savage brings closure to the rumours and speculation.


Tuesday July 29th, 2014
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