HI Girls Life at Waikiki Beach | Long Road Mag.

Hawaii: Traveling with longboard can be always fun no matter what. When Blazer J. was on vacation in Hawaii she met Lani L. who lives in the beautiful island. They were just facebook friends but longboard made them connect to each other so quickly and they had good time.  It was such a joyful time while we were making film.

Hawaii is such a beautiful place, especially the environment. Also, surfing is originally from Hawaii. This city is the surfer’s paradise. You can rent surfing board easily and Waikiki waves are real good fun for beginners. If you go to the north shore you even cannot imagine how big their waves are! Also if you are lucky, you will see huge turtles and a double rainbow while you are enjoy surfing.

If you dream about to surf and skate in tropical beautiful Island, Hawaii will be the best choice! I swear.

Why don’t you take your longboard for your next trip?


Tuesday July 22nd, 2014
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