Sunday City Cruising – Seoul massive monthly cruising event

Seoul, Korea: One thing we’ve come to appreciate  is the love of Korea for boardwalking & freestyle. Check out the sheer size and stoke of the  ‘Sunday City Cruising’

Sean Parco of Long Road Mag give us a bit more info on this monthly event:

‘Sunday City Cruising’ is one of huge cruising event in Seoul, Korea. It’s a monthly event for longboarder & skateboarder even cruiser boarder. Many Korean longboarder loves this event, the number of participants swelled to over three hundred.  Every ‘Sunday City Cruising’ event has a dress code for everyone. Last event was an ‘Old School’ concept, from 60’s to 90’s. Also, we had invited Brazilian Batukada team, ‘Repercussion’ and they were making us happy.

NOTEWORTHY: Sunday City Cruising ‘Man in Black’ Sessions Longboard

Friday May 30th, 2014
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