Cadillac 65mm/78A Sugar Mamas

Poured in the same blue THC slide urethane as the 78A Swingers, the 78A Sugar Mamas pack the smoothest freeride slide into a versatile 65mm shape. If you’ve tried the 81A Sugar Mamas, the 78A’s have a similar ‘thane dumping slide, but provide some extra grip for confidence at higher speeds. Stone-ground for a smooth slide right away, the Sugar Mamas are big enough to freeride over chundery pavement, but light enough to put on a double kick to skate ditches, alleys, driveways, or whatever comes your way.


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Edit: Shane Maloney
Riders: Sam Hay, Grant Kiessling, Bobby Strum, Ethan Vinograd, Ian McSherry, Shane Maloney
Filming: Shane Maloney, Max Dubler, Sabastian Lundgren, Jarrod Huddleston, Grant Kiessling

Monday May 12th, 2014
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