[UPDATE: INCIDENT UNDER WVPD REVIEW] West Vancouver Police Cuts Off Longboarders

West Vancouver, BC: In the constant 3 steps forward then 2 steps backwards that is the relationship between longboarders and Police this is a dicey one. Endangering lives of people in trying to enforce the law is kind of a bad idea. Let’s hope this does not put too much of a strain on the relationship between law enforcement and longboarding community and that everyone can come to a compromise long term amicable solution.

A West Vancouver police officer in an unmarked SUV abruptly swerves in front of a group of longboarders to enforce a $35 bylaw violation.

What would the Skateboard Cop think of this?

Update: West Vancouver Police Reviews Incident

From the West Vancouver Police Department:

A review is being undertaken into a videotaped interaction between a West Vancouver Police Patrol Officer and longboarders.

West Vancouver Police are aware of concerns being expressed via social media regarding the video taped interaction between a WVPD officer and Long boarders on Finch Hill Rd in West Vancouver last week.

The interaction occurred Wednesday afternoon, April 09, 2014.

The interaction is now under an internal review to determine whether all WVPD Policies and Guidelines were properly followed and whether any further action is warranted in connection with this occurrence.

For contact information please see wvpd.ca/breaking-stories/6-new/1057-long-boarding-videotape-under-review


Monday April 14th, 2014
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