Seismic announces Defcon™ Urethane


After more than a year of testing, Seismic® has entered the launch code for Defcon™ urethane in four tried-and-true shapes – the 69mm Hot Spot, the 73mm Speed Vent, the 76mm Hot Spot, and the 75mm Avila. All are available in 78.5A Mango and 81.5A Mint, except for the Avila (white 77A only).

Defcon was developed for riders who want 100% maximum velocity and rebound, with well-balanced grip and slide characteristics.


Team riders testimonials:

Aaron Hampshire: “It has amazing roll speed and rebound, along with really nice grip and edge. It drifts flawlessly right out of the package, and bleeds speed good and smooth” during speed checks.

Dre Nubine: “They’re fast as hell, like noticeably faster than other ’thanes.”

Devon Reece: “I’m stoked that everyone else has the opportunity to ride them now. They’ll put hair on your chest!”


Defcon is being hailed as a super-fast, extreme-rebound urethane with smooth, predictable grip-to-slip (none of the choppiness seen in other extreme-rebound formulas).

The technology behind

Modern urethane can be described as a matrix of bone, muscle, and tendon. Small hard molecules (called chain extenders or cross linkers) function like bone; larger elastic molecules (called polyols) function like muscle cells; and a reactive glue (isocyanate) holds everything together like tendon.

Defcon incorporates a blend of advanced chain extenders that makes room for an extra helping of a top-grade polyol mix. It’s like a sprinter with bones made of an advanced composite like carbon nanotube. Since the skeleton is slimmer as well as stronger, more fast-twitch muscle can be packed around it with no increase in overall volume.


In addition, Defcon is more flexible than other formulas in the same duro. The result is a larger contact patch, which translates to unique grip and control characteristics, as well as a smoother, more buttery feeling.

Seismic products are available skate stores worldwide and online at

Wednesday April 9th, 2014