Hello Sexy – New shot of upcoming Predator DH6OF Helmet – Updated


Latest photo of the DH6OF uploaded by predator’s facebook page

Announced earlier this year [Catch the video from Surf Expo here] is Kyle Wester’s upcoming DH6OF (Open Face) helmet. Above a closeup shot of the OF shared by predator over the weekend.


Photo currently available on the product page

Photos we’ve seen before had the interior leather colour black and the brand name turquoise so we’re not sure if that one is an evolution of a different colourway (See below for update). All we know it we really did the classic look.

The DH6OF  is set to be released later this year

Answer from Predator:

To answer your question, the black trim and turquoise logo was only on the 1st prototype we had made. We then decided upon going with a more retro brown leather look for the 2nd proto-type after talking with Kyle Wester Skate and decided the logo color should change as well. We are still proto-typing the helmet and have some molding/shape changes to work on, so keep looking at our social media for updates on this project. 

You can find some more photos of the DH6OF on our website:



Monday March 24th, 2014
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